IndieGoGo is a powerful online tool that can help businesses raise funds for their projects. A page that is attractive and informative will be more likely to bring in donations to help businesses reach their goals.

Specific Functions

The Airdog company has recently launched a unique line of air purifiers and needed an IndieGoGo page that would help them raise the funds to grow their brand. Networking Bizz answered the call by creating custom graphics that would display and showcase the product design. We created custom photos to add in the design descriptions, wrote engaging content for each section and added video elements to make the page even more appealing.

Time for development and design
Positive feedback when testing the page with test and control group
Number of people who signed up for the perks after viewing page
A design well done!

A product worthy of its page

With this design, we feel confidant the company will be able to move forward in getting the support they need.

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