Dynasol Ecommerce website design

Dynasol Eyewear had cutting edge styles when it came to high end sunglasses, but their cookie cutter template website just wasn’t working for the luxury image they were trying to portray. Luckily they were in good hands with Networking Bizz.

Specific Functions

When redesigning the website, we focused on SEO to help increase traffic and generate sales. We used SEO tags and structured snippets to help bring in customers. We reworked the single product pages adding converting elements that would make consumers more likely to buy.

We also worked to make the site more user-friendly with easier ordering and order preview functions and an automated coupon code system on the cart. All this worked to provide a better online experience for customers, making it easier for them to browse and order.

Total revenue increase after launch
Decrease in bounce rate
Decrease in ad costs attributed to optimized content
Shopping made easy

Fantastic layout for so many products!

As a result of Networking Bizz’s efforts, SEO rankings have increased dramatically. The company is looking at higher conversion rates and profitability is up substantially.

If you would like to enjoy this kind of success for your company, contact Networking Bizz today to see what they can do to help your business.

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