Hykolity is a leader when it comes to LED lighting supply, but they were tied down by a bulky web site that was hard to navigate. Luckily, Networking Bizz was on hand to help.

Specific Functions

Networking Bizz redesigned the site making it easier to navigate through. They improved contact information presentation and added more banners, products images and sections on the homepage to give the site a more professional look.

Web design and feedback rounds
Anticipated average of traffic increase month after month
Increase in optimized content on page and product listings
A design well done!

Prioritizing functionality without sacrificing the aesthetics

The design was conceptualized and overseen by Networking Bizz. Though Hykolity ultimately put the development process on hold, the website was guaranteed to make Hykolity’s website more attractive and user-friendly, making it easier for customers to convert and keep coming back to do more business in the future.

Find out how they can focus on your online presence to help your company grow!

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