Loaded Café was so impressed with the work Networking Bizz did to improve their web site, they called them back when they decided to launch their Kids Eat Free summer campaign. This was a campaign designed to bring in customers during off-peak hours.

Specific Functions

In order to promote the campaign, Networking Bizz employed the following:

  1. Email marketing for campaign promotion
  2. Social media posts and advertisements for campaign promotion
  3. Yelp organic marketing for campaign promotion
  4. Paid ad campaigns
  5. Website pop-ups
  6. Automated and direct messaging

Loaded Cafe wanted to increase their visibility for all of their locations across Southern California and promote their business across different social media platforms, and campaigns like these were yet another step forward for this breakfast restaurant.

Days of campaign extension
Families that redeemed promotion
Impressions made
A great success!

A delicious triumph!

Results of the campaign were better than forecasted, with Yelp Check-ins recorded as an average of 400+ due to the promotion! Though the campaign was only supposed to run through the end of July, it was so effective in bringing in customers, the restaurant extended it through the end of August.

If you are thinking of running a promotional campaign for your company, contact Networking Bizz to see what they can do for you!

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