This spectacularly dazzling store has swimsuits for all occasions, including weddings! They strive to give every swimsuit-needing occasion that extra sparkle, but with no site to sell their wares, they were at a loss. Luckily, Networking Bizz stepped up to the task.

Specific Functions

Networking Bizz started with a design that was customized for the company. They made the site more attractive and aesthetically pleasing keeping the tastes of the target audience in mind. To make the site user-friendly, features were added like a custom ajax shopping cart and automated coupons. They also provided data collection functionalities, analytics tracking services, heat map tracking, and custom outreach emails that would help the company improve its marketing strategy and increase conversions.

Increase In Online Mobile Sales After Launch
Average Shopping Cart Conversions (above average)
Increase In Foot Traffic
Not even lying

A Dazzling Shopify Theme

The company needed a web site that would be as attractive as their products and user friendly for an improved customer experience. Networking Bizz knew just what to do to make the site show the company in it’s best light

As a result of these updates, the company’s launch was a successful one as it is already starting to receive a lot of online traffic.

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