New Asia FSE Website Design

New Asia FSE Inc. is a large food service, equipment and supply store. Their vast selection of over 4000 products is impressive but was difficult to navigate in an online format. Network Bizz was hired on to re-design their website into a simplified format that was user friendly and SEO optimized.

We started by implementing a unique sorting system based on brands and subcategories. We indexed the site so that it would display custom rich snippets on search engines. Finally, we used cache leveraging and CDN technology for faster load times.

Website Speed Increase
Increased in mobile form fill conversions
Increase in average monthly calls attributed to online catalog
Extreme increase in desktop and mobile speed

Proven yet again that mobile speed has everything to do with the bottom line

Network Bizz specializes in optimizing Ecommerce websites providing the following features:

  • Fast query indexing technology
  • Cache leveraging and CDN by Cloudflare
  • Self Optimized pages (including titles, pages, images, alt text, description, rich snippets and tags)
  • Catalog restructuring
  • SEO friendly
  • Mobile optimized
  • Live chat and other widgets
  • Future capabilities built in

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