Nutri Rich Website Design

The Nutri-Rich company already offered high-quality supplements to their customers, but they needed a high-quality website that would offer a great representation of their brand. Luckily, they knew who to call. Networking Bizz knew just what to do to give them the edge they needed.

Specific Functions

Networking Bizz started by giving the web site a whole new custom design. The modern look and rich, vibrant colors make the site inviting so users will want to stay on longer and be more likely to purchase.

Next, they developed custom product pages. With this feature, products would be easy to find and customers could get plenty of information on the products they are interested in.

Finally, the user experience of both the customer and company was improved with Shopify website development. This e-commerce platform is easy to use and helps the company to stay on top of inventory and become more organized working as a time and cost efficient solution.

Increase in search traffic
Reduction of Bounce Rate
Increase in Average Conversions
A branded design for an established brand

Custom layout for easy shopping

All the improvements Networking Bizz made have resulted in increased revenue for the site as the aesthetic upgrades made attract more customers who are staying on the site longer, finding products more easily and purchasing products. The ease of use has also made buying, selling and staying organized simpler.

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